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International Medical Relief is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide basic healthcare needs to countries all over the globe, evaluating health concerns to help prevent chronic and fatal conditions. With the help of local dental and healthcare volunteers, IMR creates clinics anywhere there is space. This amazing outreach for the empowerment of those who do not have access to healthcare or knowledge, was started in 2002 by Shauna King and Karla Prentiss.

 MDF provided IMR with a variety of stethoscopes for their trip to Costa Rica in May, 2021 to educate the workers over there on how to use them as well as leaving the instruments there for their use, to continue to empower their community.

MDF had the pleasure of joining forces in person when they came on a trip to our home base in Puerto Rico.One of our MDF team members delivered stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers to the IMR team of over 65 students from Florida International University in Miami, FL and 20 other therapists and doctors. IMR traveled around the enchanted island to five different towns providing dental care, vital signs, and medication to those who simply walked up ready to receive, partnering with the GOGO Cancer Foundation.

In addition to the medical services they provided on the island, IMR also put their physical muscles to use by helping rebuild their warehouse in Ponce, PR for kids with cancer. The GOGO Foundation then received the materials the students used in the local clinics for their new health center, once again leaving instruments with those serving their local community.

The volunteers for IMR and GOGO Cancer Foundation are passionate for their cause, sharing what motivates them to dedicate their lives to healthcare. Student Kymel was here as part of clinical’s for school. He aspires to become a surgeon one day to help save lives simply because he believes "everyone's life is precious and deserves to be saved".

To learn more about IMR and how you can volunteer on one of their next missions visit their website

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" #CraftingWellness

IMR came to the work in progress warehouse of the GOGO Cancer Foundation in Ponce, Puerto Rico to aid in painting, landscaping, and cleaning the facility for its hopeful opening in 2022

IMR offers free medication to anyone in need Ponce PR November 18 2021

IMR is dedicated to seeing all patients in need, including the one's with the tiny strawberry masks!  November 18 2021

Kymel and his peer partnered up for taking vital signs in Ponce. Team work makes the dream work! November 18 2021

IMR utilizes MDF stethoscopes to take general assessments in Puerto Rico to help with diagnosing early any health issues November 18 2021

Florida Atlantic University Students gather around to pick out their MDF stethoscope to use for the rest of their Puerto Rico trip. IMR left these instruments with the GOGO Foundation to use in their new facility.  November 18 2021



Cal State San Marcos

On Martha's recent trip, her team of 40 healthcare professionals used their MDF Instruments stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to provide medical attention to the community. Their focus on this mission was concentrated on obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs.

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Floating Doctors Panama 2022

Imagine packing up supplies, flying to another country, hopping in a car to the nearest dock to then venture across waters to then set up a med clinic for a community of whom does not speak the same language you do. This is nothing more than a routine endeavour for the Floating Doctors organization. The journey these missionaries take is indescribable, going through the moody rain and beating sun is everything except a sign to go back, and a motive to move faster.

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International Medical Corps

Each year International Medical Corp rushes to the front lines, committed to being first responders to the world's most crucial disasters.  With a focus on healthcare, nutrition, shelter and protective services they seek out humanitarian disasters and rush to the scene, dedicated to those affected and providing relief.

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