What is Life - The Hope of Medical Miracles

What is life?
No Doubt called it simple.
The Moody Blues called it strange.
For Queen, it was hard.
For Elton John, in a circle.
Jeff Buckley's was Eternal.
For Guns ‘N’ Roses… reckless.
Tom Petty called it a Highway.
One Republic called it good.
Joey Ramone called it a gas.
Ace of Base called it beautiful.
For The Eagles, it was in the fast lane.
Sheila E. thought it was glamorous.
Bon Jovi wanted to live while he’s alive, because in an instant it can be over.
So live.
Here's to our healers.
Our doctors and our nurses.
Our psychiatrists and our vets.
Here's to our first responders.
Our therapists.
And our medical techs.
For making life your purpose.
For guarding it.
For guiding it.
For keeping it safe.
We at MDF® are proud to be a part of your journey.
And promise to continue providing the very best in medical equipment, specifically designed for YOU.
We all define life differently but we can all agree that life is a miracle.
And sometimes, even miracles need a hand.
So thank you for letting us be a part of your everyday miracles.

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