• MDF®727 Single Head™ Stethoscope (also for MDF®727C)
  • MDF®747 Dual Head Stethoscope (also for MDF®747C)
  • MDF®747XP Acoustica® Stethoscope (also for MDF®747XPC)
  • MDF®777 MD One® Stethoscope (also for MDF®777C and MDF®777I)
  • MDF®787 Infant & NeonatalTM Stethoscope
  • MDF®787XP NEO® > Infant + Neonatal Stethoscope
  • MDF®797 Classic Cardiology Stethoscope
  • MDF®797T ProCardial® Titanium Stethoscope

Read instructions carefully before using and save for future reference.

General Safety: This MDF® stethoscope is designed exclusively as a non-invasive medical auscultation instrument to detect heart and lung sounds on healthy skin around the external thoracic region. Due to its sound amplification function, it may cause damage to user’s ears if used other than its intended medical diagnostic purpose. Keep out of reach of children.

General Usage: MDF® stethoscope with ErgonoMax™ headsets are ergonomically pre-angled. Models with AccuFit™ headsets are anatomically adjustable for best fit, comfort, and sound transmission. A headset adjusted to a 15° forward angle is standard, and should be worn with the eartips pointed away from you if it is held directly in front of you. The dual-head chestpiece (excludes 727) contains a diaphragm side for detecting high-frequency sounds, and a bell side for detecting low-frequency sounds. According to the auscultation need, simply turn the fully-rotational acoustic valve stem to select the proper side of the chestpiece (excludes 727). Hold the chestpiece firmly against the desired auscultation location on the patient's external thoracic region. Prior to each use, make sure all parts are securely fastened and properly connected.

General Cleaning & Care: Clean stethoscope thoroughly before each use. Use clean cotton cloth or swab and isopropyl alcohol solution to cleanse all soiled parts. Avoid prolonged exposure of acoustic tubing to excessive heat, cold, solvents, moisture and oils/lipids (secreted by human skin).

Our commitment to high-quality instruments is backed by a lifetime warranty.