Your War - An Ode to Our Nurses


You come home, and you say hello to your husband, or wife, or your daughter, or son, or just a phone call. And someone undoubtedly asks: "How was your day?", "How was YOUR day?". Four simple words forming a simple question and yet the answer as it trips from the tips of your lips is simply not that simple. Because in order for it to be simple, you need to have a simple day, a day which doesn't begin without sun and end without stars, a day unfilled with heartache and sorrow and scars. But your days your days are the essence of hard with blistering feet, marching yard after yard, through the trenches and the ditches the blood and the gore. You soldier on for you must because this is your war. Your war though perhaps without honor or glory is a war necessary and a burden to be born see your war may be filled with charts and health plans with MRIs blood pressure's temps and CAT scans and bedpans too. Yes, it's true. Off worse for wear but that is why in front of caregiver is care nurses like Doris, like Katie and Anna and Claire. You're at war. On the front of the lines tall you stand fly your banner for nurses simply soldier with unbending bedside manner. You are our soldiers against disease against pain against hopelessness vanity, leaving it stained in plain view on July's Soper buried in grief as life clings and then slips. No relief the last leaf of the fall falling down to the ground. The no more and the winter reminds you that you're still at war soldier on toe to toe face to day with open minds and closed fists. We are your sisters, your brothers at arms. We are sick. We are sick but we'll battle right up to death's door. If you'll be our soldiers come to our side into the floor against despair. Let us roar, shake with rattling cries valor rages inside you filled with purpose and pride. You are healers. You are champions. You're our maps and our guide. So stand up and be proud as United We rise. Because we are not just people on a rock spinning in space. We are one people we are together one human race held together by the stitches of your caring embrace and made full by your heart and the warmth of your grace. Soldier on because we need you like never before because you are our soldiers and our fight - is your war.



This is our oath and we need you. The WORLD needs you. We need your heart, your mind, your skills, and your partnership



Cal State San Marcos

On Martha's recent trip, her team of 40 healthcare professionals used their MDF Instruments stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to provide medical attention to the community. Their focus on this mission was concentrated on obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs.

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Floating Doctors Panama 2022

Imagine packing up supplies, flying to another country, hopping in a car to the nearest dock to then venture across waters to then set up a med clinic for a community of whom does not speak the same language you do. This is nothing more than a routine endeavour for the Floating Doctors organization. The journey these missionaries take is indescribable, going through the moody rain and beating sun is everything except a sign to go back, and a motive to move faster.

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International Medical Corps

Each year International Medical Corp rushes to the front lines, committed to being first responders to the world's most crucial disasters.  With a focus on healthcare, nutrition, shelter and protective services they seek out humanitarian disasters and rush to the scene, dedicated to those affected and providing relief.

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